E3 2019: The Biggest Games You Can Pre-Order Now (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC)

The E3 2019 press conferences are behind us, and we’ve seen a ton of exciting trailers for upcoming games, from Death Stranding and Watch Dogs Legion to Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077. As release dates have been revealed and gameplay footage is shown, many retailers have begun opening up pre-orders for these games, and quite a few of them have pre-order bonuses or various special editions available as well.

While some games are fairly straightforward to pre-order–just pick your system and you’ll receive the base game–others get complicated, with three or four editions to choose from and various amounts of in-game loot and physical collectibles available from each. Pre-order bonuses are also a huge thing, and retailers will often offer exclusive bonuses that are worth considering.

To save you from hopping between different websites trying to compare each edition on your own, we’ve hunted down all that information for you in our various pre-order guides. These guides have all the information you need about a game’s pre-order bonuses, what you’ll receive from each version, and the different pricing across various retailers. That way, you can make a more educated purchase and end up with the best edition for your budget.

As a reminder, prices and release dates are always tentative, and for games that are still a long ways off, it’s possible special editions will be announced in the future even if they don’t exist now. Be sure to look at the fine print before you seal the deal. Some retailers, like Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy, have a lowest price guarantee so that if a game’s price drops between when you pre-order and when the game ships, you’ll be charged the lowest price (or refunded to match the difference). Certain retailers will charge you a bit of money upfront, while others will hold the charge until the game actually ships. Some don’t offer refunds; Amazon, on the other hand, will let you cancel at any time with no charge.

Consider this a general guide to pre-ordering all the biggest games shown during E3 2019, organized by release date. While we’ll provide an overview of each game’s pre-order bonuses below, be sure to check out our individual game guides for more detailed info on what each special edition contains and links to pre-order now.

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