Lotta’s Fountain, San Francisco

Every year on April 18, residents of San Francisco gather around Lotta’s fountain to commemorate the date of the 1906 earthquake that almost removed San Francisco from the map: what did not fall to the ground was burned by a huge fire following the earthquake.

More information: http://blog.sevenponds.com/something-special/%E2%80%A8%E2%80%A8lottas-fountain-and-the-1906-san-francisco-earthquake


California St and Grant St, San Francisco

The intersection of California st. and Grant St is an interesting point to visit: California St starts to climb into the hill and Grant St. shows us the traditional Chinatown views.

We can find the San Francisco Cable Cars, taht stop in this intersection for passengers to hop in or off.

We have the view of Chinatown with traditional Chinese decor.

We can also find Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral, with welcoming banners in English and Chinese.

Mora information: https://www.oldsaintmarys.org/

Saint Mary’s Square, San Francisco

Saint Mary’s square is an interesting place inn San Francisco. It is over a parking garage and still is a full small park with plants, a playground and trees.

This park servers its community. You can find senior citizens doing exercise in the morning (dance and tai-chi), a boxing couch practicing with his student (a very sweaty student), people having lunch by noon, kids playing in the swings in the afternoon.

A bird eye’s view of the park shows you the parking structure entrance on the lower part of the street.

Even when this park’s ground os not too deep, big trees are alive, growing and blooming.

More information: https://www.sfparksalliance.org/our-parks/parks/saint-marys-square